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Ensuring Robust Security For Its Users, Witzeal Technologies Partners With Shield

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Witzeal, one of India’s most rapidly expanding gaming technology companies, today announced its partnership with global risk intelligence company SHIELD for real-time actionable insights into potential and emerging fraud threats.

Witzeal’s Big Cash gaming platform has differentiated itself since inception through the introduction of innovative and user-centric features such as referrals, gifting, and social sharing. The platform has consistently focused on building 100% safe gaming environment for its users and keeping the fraud percentage as low as possible.

However, at times the use of fake accounts potentially enables fraudsters to exploit these features to rack up rewards and drain Witzeal’s resources. Collusion across fake accounts could also allow fraudsters to gain the upper hand over genuine players sometimes by giving them a significant advantage in terms of betting and calling and enabling unfair plays such as chip-dumping.

Witzeal is deploying SHIELD’s Device Intelligence solution to proactively address the issue of fake accounts and prevent the loss of user trust; implementing additional layer of security towards detection taking the platform’s fraud protection capabilities upto 100%. The SHIELD ID, the global standard for device identification, directly addresses the issue of fake accounts by empowering Witzeal to link fake accounts created from the same physical device. The partnership will therefore help Witzeal ensure its resources are channeled towards accelerating meaningful organic growth, as well as give its 30 million global players the assurance of fair play.

Commenting on the association, Ankur Singh, Founder & CEO of Witzeal Technologies, said, “SHIELD has been a game-changer in enabling sustainable organic platform growth. Its risk intelligence helped us ensure secure and trusted experiences for our users globally, giving us confidence in achieving our mission of becoming a leading force in gaming.”

SHIELD’s Device Intelligence will complement Witzeal’s existing features and processes that are creating one of gaming’s most secure and trustworthy platforms. These include RNG certification, collusion detection, and code hardening. The SHIELD Trust Indicators will also supplement Witzeal’s KYC processes to verify the profiles of genuine users as well as facilitate easier withdrawals.

Justin Lie, Founder and CEO of SHIELD, added “SHIELD is proud to be partnering with Witzeal, helping them bolster safeguards and build a gaming platform trusted by users across the world. By addressing fraud as a top priority, Witzeal is ensuring fair play for gamers and empowering them to express their skills without the fear of fraudsters being able to gain any unfair advantage.”

Another issue is the increasingly easy access that fraud syndicates now have to fraud tools, allowing them to swiftly execute fraud attacks from seemingly genuine user accounts. Tampered apps and app cloners, along with jailbroken or rooted devices, allow fraudsters to create and operate thousands of fake accounts with a single physical device. GPS spoofers and VPNs could be used to mask fraudsters’ locations and help them evade detection. SHIELD’s Risk Indicators enable Witzeal to detect the installation and activation of all malicious tools and techniques in real-time.

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