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Imran Khan lashes out at BCCI

Sports Lounge Staff



Imran Khan

Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup winning captain and former PM Imran Khan has come down heavily on India and BCCI for being arrogant and trying to isolate Pakistani cricketers and called the cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan, a “sad affair.”

Khan accused India of acting arrogantly and behaving like a superpower in cricket.

“The cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan is a sad affair. India behaves arrogantly as if they are a superpower in world cricket,” said Imran Khan.

“BCCI picks and chooses whom they want to play because India can generate a lot of money in world cricket due to which they behave arrogantly like a super power,” he added.

The 70-year-old called it an act of arrogance for the BCCI to target Pakistani cricketers. Further, he said that Pakistan boasts its top-notch T20 league, the Pakistan Super League (PSL), and attracts foreign cricketers.

“BCCI is targeting Pakistani cricketers, which is a display of arrogance. However, Pakistan cricket now has its own quality T20 league [PSL] where foreign cricketers play,” he said.

“If India doesn’t allow Pakistan to play IPL then Pakistan should not worry about it because Pakistan itself has quality young cricketers,” he added.

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