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Islamabad to host India’s Davis Cup tie against Pakistan in end of November



The All India Tennis Association has expressed security concerns regarding the tie against Pakistan.

New Delhi: India’s Davis Cup tie against Pakistan is to be held in Islamabad, the All India Tennis Association (AITA) confirmed on Friday.

The tentative dates of the contest is on November 29 or 30. But the final clearance will only be given after a security clearance, to be conducted on November 9.sports news headlines

The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) hs until November 19 to confirm the precise dates of the tie, the  International Tennis Federation (ITF) said in a release.

In case of reservations following the final security review, the tie could be shifted to a neutral venue.

“The India vs Pakistan Davis Cup tie will take place at Islamabad either on 29 and 30th November or 30th November/1st December,” the AITA said.

“However, the security situation will be reviewed on 4th November whether the tie can be held in Islamabad or to be shifted to a neutral venue.”

The tie was scheduled to be held in Islamabad on September 14-15.

But following AITA’s reservations on security issues, the ITF conducted a security review and on August 22 decided to postpone the tie to November.

The AITA has consistently voiced its concern, keeping in tune with the high diplomatic tension between the two countries, and requested the ITF to either shift the tie to a neutral venue or postpone it.

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