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Rohit Kumar urges inclusion of more nations for global reach of Kabaddi

Ashish Mani Tiwari



Rohit Kumar is famous for his Frog jump.

New Delhi: Bengaluru Bulls, with their all-round impressive performance in season 7 of Pro Kabaddi League, is all geared up for the Delhi leg starting from today, where Dabang Delhi will face Bengaluru Bulls. Skipper Rohit Kumar and star raider of Bengaluru Bulls recently spoke to Sports Lounge on various aspects of Kabaddi and his performance.


SL: How important is a strategy in Kabaddi?

RK: Strategy is a crucial part of Kabaddi, it leads to the overall plan of the game and we cannot play any game without a strategy. The strategy basically guides to evolving points at some vital phases of the game.

SL: What steps must be taken to Kabaddi to the global level?

RK: Many countries are playing Kabaddi including Korea and Iran, however, for taking Kabaddi to a global level, international authorities must explore some strategies to include more countries to participate in Kabaddi tournaments.

Apart from including more countries, authorities must organise foreign tours and camps for providing some positive exposure to players.

SL: Bengaluru Bulls always start on a good note, but end up losing the game? How do you see it?

RK: I will look it in this way, the first impression is the last impression. Our team always had the intent of winning and started on a positive note to create an impact on the opposite side, in that way, we have also won many games in the tournament.

SL: What’s your strategy for upcoming matches?

RK: We need to control our moves and had to come with specific strategies for different teams. Our team have enhanced in terms of tactics and strategies.

SL: How would you rate your individual performance as team skipper?

RK: I would like to clear that, I am still learning as a captain. I always try to be on the mat, to boost up the confidence of my team. As a captain, I always aim to win the match.

SL: What are your views on coach Randhir?

RK: It’s been four seasons with him, he always believed in team spirit. Whenever our team did anything wrong, he discussed it immediately. He is a very good mentor and coach.


SL:  According to you, which is the best team in Pro Kabaddi League season 7?

RK: Every team is looking good, but Dabang Delhi and Jaipur Pink Panthers are really good this team.


SL: Being a fan of Akshay Kumar, how do you idolise him?

RK: I have been an Akshay Kumar fan since childhood. I used to watch his movies and dreamed of one day becoming like him.

He inspired me because he is also a sportsperson and so fit. He has made a huge name for himself in Bollywood and I want to do the same in kabaddi.