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NorthAlley roped in by Turf Authority of India to launch National Tote

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Turf Authority of India

Mumbai: The Turf Authority of India has roped in NorthAlley as the single technology provider to launch a first of its kind National Combined Totalizator Initiative across all clubs in India. FortisTOTE, a totalizator system from NorthAlley built for national and global commingling is scheduled to launch in the month of August.  This will enable single dividend across all clubs.  Totalizator is a system that will enable automated pool dividend calculation, display and distribution. This will bring about transparency, uniformity and a better dividend system amongst racing patrons across the country.

NorthAlley is a horse racing focused technology company that built this futuristic Totalizator named “FortisTOTE” for national and global commingling which has been selected as a single Totalizator Technology partner across all centres for the National Tote Initiative.

“NorthAlley is very excited to provide FortisTOTE for the Indian horse racing community through the national tote system. We have been working with Racing clubs across India to make a seamless product for their patrons and are now very honoured to partner Turf Authorities of India in its historic moment.  I am very grateful to all the clubs across the country and the Turf Authorities of India for providing their faith and trust in NorthAlley”, said Suresh Paladugu, Founder and Managing Director at NorthAlley on this association.

This will revolutionise wagering on the tote which is currently being operated by individual clubs with the dividend pool limited to the centre which resulted in the dividends being dependent only on the pool amount collected by the club where the race was being conducted. The advantages to introducing a combined tote are going to help move the racing industry in India forward with common rules and standards across the industry, an increased stability of the pools and will bring professional punters to the tote system.

The introduction of FortisTOTE is a historic move that will give a much-needed boost to the industry by providing many benefits including increasing transparency amongst all stakeholders. Not only does it offer a stable and better dividend system for racing patrons but will also bring the Indian racing scene closer to international trends and standards.

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