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PSL announces its 5th Season, onboards Pocket52 as title sponsor

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Poker Sports League

After four astonishingly triumphant seasons, the most electrifying poker extravaganza, Poker Sports League (PSL) has announced its return with a resounding bang. With stakes higher than ever before and a prize pool of a whopping INR 1.5 crores, PSL 2023 promises an exhilarating showdown, with excitement sweeping across pro-poker players and enthusiasts in India.

The riveting league of wits and strategy is going to host a mixed bag of players, bringing variety skills, high investment biddings, significant retainers, and an opportunity to all amateurs to make their eager mark in the realm of high stakes poker while honing their gaming skills. Adding to the galore, PSL 2023 has onboarded Pocket52, a leading online poker gaming app, as its title sponsor. The collaboration is a step forward to provide a secure and fantastic gaming experience to the players in the World’s biggest Poker league.

Thrilled to be back with yet another season of PSL with Pocket52 as the title, Pranav Bagai, CEO, and Founder, stated, “As the world’s largest poker league in terms of prize pool and participation, PSL has taken the game of poker to a new level with its unique team-based format that sportifies the game. It’s a true test of skill and strategy, where each team has a balance of professionals and amateurs, giving everyone an equal opportunity to shine at the highest level – for FREE.  With our fifth edition on the cards, I am equally happy and excited to have Pocket52 as our title sponsor since our visions are aligned in terms of bringing poker to the masses – responsibly. We are sure that this collaboration will give a great opportunity to a wide range of poker aspirants”.

As the official title sponsor of this season’s PSL, Pocket52 will provide players with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to compete in the league. Anybody who knows poker and wants to be a part of Poker Sports League Season 5 – just need to download the Pocket52 app and register for maximum 6 of the 31 online qualifier tournaments, which are completely free of charge and open to all till June 25th, 2023.

Nitesh Salvi, Director and who founded Pocket52 was thrilled to announce their partnership with Poker Sports League for the upcoming tournament, and said, “At Pocket52, we are passionate about the game of poker and are always seeking new ways to enhance player experiences. With the new revamped app, players can expect a seamless and engaging experience like never before. The team format adds a new level of excitement to the game, encouraging teamwork and strategy. As a responsible gaming platform, we are proud to be a part of an event that prioritizes fair play and responsible gaming practices. We are confident that this year’s tournament will be a huge success and we invite our community of players, from beginners to professionals, to join us in this journey of pushing our limits and exploring the exciting dimensions of the poker industry.”

The qualifiers on Pocket52 have been designed to award leaderboard points to participants based on their ranking in each tournament. Players ranking in the top-1000 position of this scoreboard stand the chance of winning prizes worth 50 lakhs – for free. The deal is far more rewarding for the top-36 players on the leaderboard who will secure a guaranteed place in one of the six teams. The base price for each qualifier will be INR 50,000 and Pocket52 has sweetened the deal for the top 36 players by adding INR 50,000 worth of tournament tickets. The live auction between the 6 teams will take place in Goa on 8th July followed by the virtual matches from 22nd Jul to 10th Aug, which allows players to compete from the comfort of their homes. The league culminates with a grand finale at a live location between 16th and 20th Aug, where the champions of Pocket52 Poker Sports League – Season 5 will be crowned. The auction, virtual matches and live finale will be broadcasted on one of India’s leading OTT platforms.

The Indian online gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace, and the PSL Season 5 is a testament to this growth. According to a report by KPMG, the industry is set to grow over US$3.9 billion by 2025, with the potential to foster improved social skills, decision-making skills, brain function, and memory enhancement for players.

Bagai added, “Our team-based format and unique approach to the game have captured the imagination of players and fans alike since we are giving every single poker player an equal shot at glory. We invite everyone to join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of poker sports and be a part of the future of online gaming. This could be the first step for many amateur and enthusiasts to play with pro-poker players as part of their teams and get hands-on training from the best players in India – to take their game to the next level.”

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